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CERAMIC clay soothing and COOLING and formable LIVELY and communicative yet calm CLOSE to my heart and HANDS infinite in its variety

I make ceramics by hand-building and sculpturing white, terracotta or dark ceramic clay, using glazes or oxides for final decorations. My ceramics are usually fired at 1150° - 1200°C which makes them weather-resistant thus also suitable for exterior placement.
I make both homeware and decorative ceramics inspired by nature motifs and materials I love using to give the clay its specific form and decor. Each original piece is then made out of pure joy and desire to create something as well as a particular customer's wish.

ceramic CLAY soothing and cooling and FORMABLE lively and communicative YET calm close to my HEART and hands INFINITE in its variety

Regular half-day workshops focused on making from ceramic clay, suitable for all age groups. We currently meet in a pottery workshop in Dolní Břežany or in Velké Popovice at weekends. English speaking visitors are welcome.
We do hand-building, and learn basics of throwing on potter's wheel. There are two follow-up sessions for making and glazing. Everybody chooses their own theme of work according to their own intentions.

ceramic clay SOOTHING and cooling and formable lively and COMMUNICATIVE yet calm close TO my heart and HANDS infinite in its VARIETY

I run regular ceramic interest group for children from 4 years of age, currently in da Vinci School in Dolní Břežany. We meet almost every weekday. This interest group has been successfully running here since 2011. Another one will open in Velké Popovice soon.
All children can do their artwork freely here. They can develop their imagination and creativity, learn and experience work with ceramic clay, and gain experience of the whole creative process from the initial idea to the final product.



VARIOUS things although SEEMINGLY useless can come BACK to life and TELL a different, NEW story … that’s why I love and ENJOY making mosaics

I like trying and searching for new ways how to fill my mosaics with originality, thought and heart. Inspiration speaks to me in a forest where I come with my beloved dog for walks every day. It speaks to me by the seaside where I love coming back to. It speaks to me through beautiful people whose presence, teachings and friendships are true riches of my life.
I interconnect mosaics with my own ceramics. I make single mosaic pieces – mirrors, pictures, bowls, racks, etc. that are suitable for interiors. I make wall mosaics of different sizes, mosaic objects, etc. for both interiors and exteriors. I work on my own mosaic projects, and I am also available for mosaic commissions and for pre-arranged mosaic workshops.

various THINGS although seemingly USELESS can COME back to life AND tell a different, new STORY … that’s why I LOVE and enjoy making MOSAICS

Regular mosaic courses in a craft workshop in Velké Popovice. Organized as sessions for enthusiasts or as community happenings with accompanying programs focused on common space beautification, meetings across generations, and sharing experience.
One or multiday courses, with a specific theme and varying degree of difficulty, yet suitable for both children and adults. Materials, tools, know-how, max. of 10 participants in a group, individual approach, and pleasant workshop ambience. English speaking visitors welcome.

various things ALTHOUGH seemingly useless CAN come back to LIFE and TELL a different, new story … that’s WHY I love AND enjoy MAKING mosaics

Especially during holidays the door of the craft workshop also opens to random visitors. The open workshop offers variety of possibilities how to make mosaics of different duration and difficulty, and also space for work on one’s own or community projects.
A closed group can also use the space and program offer of the mosaic workshop (e.g. for a birthday party). In such a case, it is necessary to ARRANGE everything in advance and make a RESERVATION.
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Original, hand-built ceramic products, decorated with harmless, non -toxic glazes or oxides. According to the firing temperature suitable for interior or exterior.

Commissions of garden, decorative ceramics and homeware, meeting demands of each individual customer.

The price depends on the type, size and working procedure of the particular ceramic item.

Interior mosaics (applied on walls or as picture decorations inserted into wall or flooring tiles);
Exterior mosaics (applied on garden walls, stairs, outdoor facades, both decorative and useful objects – benches, etc.);
Single items (mirrors, racks, pieces of furniture, framed picture mosaics).
Before starting to work on a commission an overall mosaic offer is made. It includes an introductory meeting with a customer, mapping the particular space, my own design of the mosaic or a design made according to the customer’s ideas, and a price offer.
The commission itself includes making the mosaic and its installation into a particular place or area.
The final price is made according to the size of the mosaic, amount of detailed work and its general complexity, and material and transportation expenses. I can also do the commissions for you as workshops – in this case design of the mosaic is charged separately from my hour rate (300,- CZK/hour) and transportation expenses.

Finished, hand-made mosaics – mirrors, racks, and pieces of furniture enhanced with mosaics. Mosaics on a reinforcing plastic mesh ready for installation.

Ceramics – garden ceramics – flowerpots, vases, objects; indoor ceramics – decorative and kitchenware.

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Regular meetings in a craft workshop at Posezení u Andělky Café in Velké Popovice, Prague – East.

Mosaic technique and ceramics. Suitable for both children and adults. Fully equipped workshop.

Find more information in the calendar of events. It is necessary to make a reservation for a workshop, interest group and group events.



Telephone number
+420 773 997 092
Address for workshops
Posezení u Andělky

Masarykova 38, Velké Popovice